Mulan Coming to Disney+ Doesn't Mean Black Widow Will

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Now that Mulan is coming to Disney+ for an additional $30 (yikes), fans have started thinking that Marvel's Black Widow would be the next film to suffer this fate. That's a pretty logical way of seeing things if we're being honest since the current pandemic has forced people to stay home. With all that said, most of us feel that COVID-19 is temporary and Disney is on the same boat, stating that the Mulan situation is a one-off.

Do you know what that means? Don't expect to see Black Widow on Disney+ anytime soon. If anything, the movie will probably come to the streaming service sometime after the official Blu-Ray comes out, which won't be happening for quite a while.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Walt Disney Company Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek was asked by a shareholder (via CBR) if the Marvel movie would follow the same boat as Mulan. Chapek said that wouldn't be the case, at least for right now. Since Disney and Marvel are expecting this movie to be quite the money maker, we don't blame them for waiting.

That being said, Chapek is somewhat open to the idea, saying that he wants to see how the $29.99 price model for Mulan goes and if they will do the same for future projects. Once again, Black Widow probably won't go this route but it looks like they'll think about it if COVID-19 is too prevalent.

Black Widow is currently scheduled for a November release in theaters.

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