Ms. Marvel’s Concept Art Reveals Removed X-Men Connection

The new concept from the first episode of Ms. Marvel reveals a connection to the X-Men character Cyclops. The series was the first MCU show to officially mention the presence of the mutants in the MCU’s Earth 616 after Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier from Earth-838 made an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In the finale of Ms. Marvel, it is revealed that Kamala Khan’s genes had a "mutation," while the X-Men '97 theme plays in the background, Marvel Studios has now opened the possibilities of slowly introducing the mutants in MCU’s Earth-616 before they will make their team-up in a potential X-Men film.

The addition of the mutants in the MCU has been anticipated by fans for a long time. Since they misdirected the fans by having Evan Peters reprise his Quicksilver role from the Fox X-Men universe in WandaVision, only for the audience to later find out that he’s only playing a random guy named "Ralph Bohner," fans have been wondering when the mutants will make their debut in the MCU. Now, it seems like the mutants will gradually be introduced into the upcoming phases of the MCU, but a new concept art from the first episode of Ms. Marvel reveals an exciting reference to one of the most well-known characters from X-Men.

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Shae Sharz, one of the show’s concept artists, has released a concept art from the first episode’s AvengerCon sequence on ArtStation. In one of the pictures that were released, a cosplayer is seen dressed as Cyclops taking a selfie behind the statue of Giant-Man with another cosplayer. This scene was cut from the series but it would’ve marked the first time in the MCU’s Earth-616 to directly reference an X-Men character.

You can check out the concept art below:

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The mutants will officially make their debut in Marvel Studios with the release of the X-Men ‘97 reboot, though the upcoming series is not meant to be connected to the MCU. Having Kamala Khan revealed to be part of the mutants in the finale of Ms. Marvel adds to the speculation that the X-Men’s introduction to the MCU’s Earth-616 is coming soon.

Ms. Marvel’s episodes are available to stream on Disney+.

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