Ms. Marvel Actress Calls Out Kevin Feige; Insists He is Wrong About the MCU

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Kamala Khan
Credit: Marvel Studios

I think it's already safe to say that Ms. Marvel has successfully injected the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a dose of fun and vibrance, something that has been lacking from the franchise's streaming shows. It also can't be denied that Marvel Studios made the right call by casting a relatively unknown in Iman Vellani who just exudes so much energy.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Vellani has proven from the get-go that she's the perfect choice to play Kamala Khan in the MCU. Turns out, she's always known the character long before Marvel Studios decided to create a series centered on the young hero.

She's also not afraid to call out the studio's president Kevin Feige over a huge plot hole concerning which Earth the franchise takes place in. According to the 19-year-old actress, the MCU shouldn't be called Earth-616 because that's the main Earth for the comics' continuity.

Speaking with Deadline, Vellani insists that the MCU should be called Earth-199999, even citing an old interview where Feige dropped the number, joking that the franchise will live on for 199999 more years.

She explains: "I have this argument with Kevin [Feige] every single time I see him in person. It’s not 616. The MCU is definitely 199999. It’s five nines. And all this happened because Kevin Feige made a joke in an interview about how long the MCU would stand for and he said, ‘199999 years.’ But we need a number and you can’t take it from the Marvel comics canon, because that was like the main comics canon where all the main events took place."

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Vellani raises a pretty valid argument and I'm just astonished at the level of knowledge she possesses when it comes to the Marvel universe. She sure knows her stuff by heart and it shows.

Now, the real question is, will Marvel Studios actually alter this massive plot hole and drop the Earth-616 designation for the MCU? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Ms. Marvel is streaming exclusively on Disney+.