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MrBeast's Real-Life Squid Game is a Huge Hit on YouTube

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YouTuber MrBeast has recreated Netflix's Squid Game, and it's already racked up almost 124 million views since its November 24 release, and still growing fast.

MrBeast Squid Game
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Credit: MrBeast - YouTube
MrBeast Squid Game

Just like the original Netflix series, MrBeast's real-life version features 456 players in numbered, green tracksuits trying to win a lot of cash. In the show, the winner gets 45.6 billion Korean won ($39 million), but the real-life version lowers the stakes but still a significant sum: the winner gets $456,000. The money is much less, but at least you don't get when you lose. A small device is attached under each player's shirt that "pops", making a hole in the shirt and letting out a brownish liquid.

Called the "MrBeast Game", the real-life version features high-budget recreations of every set from the Netflix series, and they all look pretty impressive. The Red Light, Green Light set features the same creepy doll but minus the deadly guns. There are also sets for the honeycomb playground, the tug of war battle, the marbles game neighborhood, and the glass bridge.

There's also a room with bank beds and the iconic glass piggy bank holding the cash prize hanging above. The video also recreates the dinner scene with streak, but with plastic knives.

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Those who get eliminated in the later rounds are given prize money as a consolation prize. And instead of the Korean-famous children's game, the Squid Game, the final six players get to play Musical Chairs in the same setting instead.

It's not surprising that the video has gone viral due to the popularity of Squid Game. Combined that with MrBeast's massive built-in audience and the people's desire to watch people compete for money.

At the end of the video, MrBeast credits Squid Game director/writer Hwang Dong-hyuk for creating the original show. The director already confirmed a second season, and you can read more details for Squid Game Season 2 here.


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