Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Card is Now Available on eBay

Update: The seller already took down the sale. It's no longer available.

Ask some Magic: The Gathering players what the most expensive card that exists right now, and they'll probably say "Black Lotus", but the rarest card of them all is the "1996 World Champion", which was given out to the winner of Worlds in 1996. According to Wizards of the Coast, all the copies of it, and the printing plates, were ceremonially destroyed. Australia's Tom Chanpheng won that tournament.

Now the only copy of the card in the world is available on eBay, and it's even encased in a wonderful trophy. According to johan438's eBay page's description, the card is quoted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the rarest trading card in the world of trading card gaming. How much will it cost you? Just a whopping $200,000.00 USD.

Image: eBay

Why did the seller decide to sell it? Apparently, to buy a new house. If you're interested at buying it, you can check out his eBay page. It even comes with free FedEx shipping!

Funny fact: the deck that Chanpheng used to win this card included Sleight of Hand with no way to cast it since he misregistered his deck, forgetting to add Adarkar Wastes. Thanks to DCI rules, he was forced to fill his empty slots with basic Plains, so his Sleight of Hand was unplayable, but who cares? He won the rarest card in the world, and now you can buy it on eBay!

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