Mortal Kombat’s Jax Teases Accurate Fatalities in the Film

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NetherRealm is set to release a live-action reboot of Mortal Kombat next year, and Mehcad Brooks (Supergirl) has been cast as the fighter Jax. Just in, Brooks has teased what to expect with the movie, and it sounds bloody.

Talking to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast (via Fandom), Brooks explains, "You're gonna get all the fatalities that you're used to… You're also getting a real story about real people that you can connect with."


With video game movies usually not panning out most of the time, I'm kind of just hoping that the Mortal Kombat movie doesn't take itself too seriously. I mean, if you look back in the 90s, the first games were really all about humor, from the color-swapped ninjas to the out-of-this-world fatalities. Though I'm sure some people love the new games, I always thought that there was kind of some lost element that was prevalent in the originals. Then again, that's just one person's opinion.

Fingers crossed this new movie manages to have a proper balance of tone and action. If they're going to be embracing the ridiculous amount of violence in the games, we should at least get some great humor out of the film. I mean, no one is coming to this movie for a cathartic emotional experience, so may as well have fun with it.

Mortal Kombat is set for a release on Jan. 15, 2021.

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