More Zendikar Rising Modal Double-Faced Magic: The Gathering Cards Revealed

Wizards of the Coast recently revealed the mechanics from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Zendikar Rising, and the most innovative mechanic is Modal Double-Faced Card (MDFC). These cards usually feature a land on the back, and usually another type on the front. When you play the card, you choose which side you play, so in a way, they're similar to split cards. Here's the mechanic spotlight for the MDFC:

Today, WotC has revealed more MDFCs, and I think these cards provide great value that can help you minimize mana issues.

Check out the MDFCs Wizards recently revealed:

Sejiri Shelter // Sejiri Glacier

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Credit: WOTC

Akoum Warrior // Akoum Teeth

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Bala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged Sanctuary

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Pelakka Predation // Pelakka Caverns

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I'm sure that more MDFCs from the set will be revealed this week. Yesterday, Wizards also revealed the cycle of rare MDFC lands.

Zendikar Rising is set to release on September 25, 2020; it will release on MTG Arena on Sept. 17.

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