More Odd Clues Transformers: The Last Knight Won’t be The Last

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It might've been the post-credits tease. It might've been the lingering questions left unanswered. Or it may be the fact that Michael Bay probably won't let the franchise go anytime soon. But one thing's for sure, Transformers: The Last Knight won't be the last--despite bad reviews and a muddled storyline.

However, there is now another clue care of producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who spoke with about the interesting new character, Quintessa.

"You never know, that's part of what the discovery is gonna be. But actually, if you look at the mythology, the mythology of The Quintessa that she very well and was probably human. So when you go back in time and go through that 6 billion years of mythology, there's certainly a current of thought within it that says she was a human character and perhaps was actually the first one who built the Transformers. So ironically, if that's accurate, then humans built Transformers."

Concept -wise, it's the kind of twist that you feel you already pictured in your head but never said out loud, because it's more for shock value than for logical reveal. Because taking all other things in the Transformers universe and The Last Knight so far, making Quintessa into a human would be a plot far harder to flesh out and much easier to unravel.

This isn't the exact sure plot that Transformers 6 will go into, but it's definitely looking like there will be another iteration. After all, Transformers can now slowly be built into its own universe, thanks to other spin-off movies. Because isn't that what's being done in recent movies to date?

Transformers: The Last Knight is currently out in theaters.

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