Morbius Star Teases His Character Will Surely 'Mess People Up'

Credit: Sony, Marvel

Credit: Sony, Marvel

Jared Leto's living vampire will be taking on different adversaries in Morbius, one of which is Tyrese Gibson's Simon Stroud. The FBI agent is expected to pose a huge threat to the titular character. With a cybernetic arm, it's clear that Gibson's version of Stroud would be quite different. Fans are excited to see what he's exactly capable of, and now, Gibson teases what to expect from his character.

Like his comic book counterpart, Gibson's Simon Stroud is a government agent who frequently gets tangled with the living vampire. However, the main difference is that he has a cybernetic arm that's apparently going to be crazy cool.

"My character was originally white, and they made him black, but I like to say he was a white guy who got a really good tan," Gibson joked in a recent interview with Maxim. "That arm has all kinds of special effects and powers, and that's going to mess people up when they see this movie."

Though the actor has been involved in superhero projects, Gibson says he has never been a superhero. "It's my first time ever officially being a superhero," he said. "I've done some superhero sh*t, but I ain't never been a superhero. I had to explain this to my daughter."

Since Stroud's cybernetic arm in the movie isn't in the Marvel Comics universe, it's uncertain what it is exactly capable of doing. That said, fans got a glimpse of the high-tech arm, which was seen briefly in the Morbius trailer, though it doesn't reveal much about it.

Judging from Gibson's comments, it looks like the arm weapon is a great addition to the character, and fans can't wait to see what the character makes out of it.

Originally set for release in July 2020, Morbius gets pushed to March 19, 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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