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Moon Knight Writer Wants The Hero To Join The Avengers

Moon Knight is set to steal the spotlight when it launches in the streaming service, Disney+ this March. The upcoming Marvel series will feature Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight, an anti-hero who will be the next major addition to the roster of heroes in the MCU.

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Moon Knight is the origin story of Steven Grant as he learns to cope with the different identities that live inside him, such as the former mercenary Marc Spector, detective Mr. Knight, and the rogue vigilante Moon Knight.

So far, the only thing we know about Moon Knight his abilities are somehow connected to the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu, and that the two will have a further relationship much like Venom and Eddie Brock. The main villain of the series will star Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow.

Since the series is set in the MCU and Moon Knight is a Marvel Comics character, fans are wondering if Moon Knight has a connection to the Avengers.

In an interview with Gamesradar, producer James Slater addressed the show's connection to the rest of the MCU heroes.

When asked if the show is just the start of a bigger potential crossover, Slater admitted that for now, he has no idea about the character's future. But if the decision is up to him, he would love to see Moon Knight as one of the Avengers in the future. Slater explained, “The honest answer is I don’t know. Because [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff. Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It’s absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!”

It would surely be a great idea to include another character to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes team, however, Moon Knight is a very complex character even in the Comics. The character is labeled as an anti-hero but if the MCU gives the character a different storyline and a good moral development, he could certainly be part of the Avengers team. Noting that Phase 4 and Phase of the MCU aims to build a new Avengers team after half of the team retired.

Moon Knight will premier in Disney+ on March 30.

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