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Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac’s New Statement Adds Fuel to Hulk Cameo Rumors

With only less than two weeks before Moon Knight's premiere in the streaming service, Disney+, of course, fans are getting wild and can't wait to meet Marc Spector, another addition to the MCU expanding franchise. A Lot of details about the film were already teased by the director, producer, and Oscar Isaac himself. We know that the series will center on Marc Spector's dissociative identity disorder, how the series will introduce mystical creatures like the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, and that Moon Knight will be an origin story for Marc Spector.

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In a previous claim by DisInsider Show, it was revealed that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner AKA Hulk will be joining the series. The show revealed, "We know Moon Knight is coming out this month, but we have exclusively heard the Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo himself, will premiere in Moon Knight."

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With no further details, it's safe to assume that this is just another rumor with no evidence presented and we can just scrap it out.

However, in a recent interview with UK's Hits Radio featuring Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac, the actor revealed that his troubled Marvel character will get along with Mark Ruffalo's Hulk.

Isaac explained, “I mean he’s a bit of a loner, so that the thing. I don’t know maybe… Who would he get along with in the MCU out of everyone? Maybe Hulk! Yea, I could see it happen.”

Also in very recent reports, producer Grant Curtis disclosed the show's connection to the entire MCU. "There’s no attachment to the current MCU. He’s brand-new, and he is going on a brand-new adventure."

Well, that's confusing. However, it's obvious that the production team seems to be masking Bruce Banner's appearance in the upcoming series. Bruce Banner was last seen in the events of Avengers: Endgame and many of his Avenger allies have been spotted in different shows like Wandavision, Loki, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye. Introducing Banner as a side character for Moon Knight might be a good idea, since Banner is next to be starring in a She-Hulk series, introducing a new character in the franchise, Tatiana Maslany as the female counterpart of Hulk.

Moon Knight will be Marc Spector's origin story, looks like the core of the series will focus entirely on him and how he copes with his mental illness, his interaction with Egyptian god Khonshu, and how he develops as the new hero, Moon Knight.

Moon Knight will premiere in Disney+ on March 30.

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