Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Says MCU Series is Not 'Traditional Origin Story'

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There is little doubt that Moon Knight isn't like the other Marvel Cinematic Universe shows that we have seen so far. In addition to being the first Disney+ series that will introduce a character that has not yet appeared in an MCU project, the new show's main protagonist is struggling with a serious mental disorder. So it's no surprise that Oscar Isaac claims that his upcoming project will not be a "traditional origin story."

It has already been confirmed that Moon Knight will address Marc Spector's mental health and this will be a major part of the storyline. But how are we going to learn about Marc's backstory? Oscar Isaac told The Age that it could be a little confusing considering that the story isn't told in the right order.

"It's not going to be a traditional origin story that's totally chronological in that way," Isaac explained. He went on to state that audiences will be thrown into the middle of the story and people will get to experience what it is like for Steven Grant (Marc's other personality) to learn the truth about himself.

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"You get introduced in medias res and for me, what was most important is that it's point of view is the characters, so you, the audience, are in his skin, living this life. That mystery unfolds [for the audience] as it unfolds for him," Isaac said.

It's certainly an interesting way to tackle Marc's (or Steven's) story and it might be the best direction as it will allow audiences to immerse themselves into the character. Needless to say, we can't wait to see how Moon Knight will show all these different personalities later this month.

Moon Knight also stars Ethan Hawke as the villainous Arthur Harrow. The series will premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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