Moon Knight Episode 4 Reveals Origin of Marc Spector's Steven Grant Persona

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Warning: if you haven't seen the latest episode of Moon Knight, this article contains major spoilers so read at your own risk!

There's no denying that the latest episode of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight was shrouded with craziness and confusion but despite the bewilderment Episode 4 delivered to its viewers, it was still home to a number of revelations concerning the life of Marc Spector. The last 10 minutes of the episode titled "The Tomb" brought Marc is his most vulnerable state yet as he woke up in a mental institution after being shot by Arthur Harrow twice in the chest.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Surprisingly enough, the said institution serves as a dwelling place for people close to Marc, including his estranged wife Layla. What's even more shocking is that Harrow apparently plays the role of Marc's therapist but we still don't know for sure if everything that took place during the final moments of the episode was real or just a figment of Spector's imagination.

What we can confirm for now though is the origin of Marc's second persona Steven Grant. It turns out that he adopted the identity of an archeology aficionado from a fictional film called "Tomb Busters" which is essentially the MCU's version of Indiana Jones.

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I guess that explains how Steven knows so much about Archeological stuff and all that binge-watching of Tomb Busters was retained in his subconsciousness. Now, I wonder how the Jake Lockley persona was created? Was it a similar case to Steven Grant? Hopefully, Episode 5 gives us the answers.

The latest episode of Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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