Money Heist Star "Pleaded" Writers Not to Include Arturo's Most Shocking Scene

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Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) star Enrique Arce, who plays one of the show's most-hated villains Arturo Roman, begged the writers not to inculde his character's most disturbing scene

The first volume of the Spanish crime thriller's fifth and final season was recently released on Netflix. The Professor (Alvaro Morte) and his gang of Dali-masked criminals attempt to pull off their most ambituous heist yet.

Money Heist Season 5 - Arturo
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Credit: Netflix

Ever since Money Heist Season 1, Arturo has been a staple on the Netflix series. He was a hostage known for having an affair with his secretary Mónica Gaztambide/Stockholm (Esther Acebo) and getting her pregnant. Throughout his time in the show, Arturo made several controversial decisions that are shocking and disturbing.

However, Arturo took a dark turn in Money Heist Season 4, when he drugged and sexually assaulted Bank of Spain employee Amanda (Olalla Hernandez), in a scene that shocked many fans.

Arce tried to talk to the showrunners out of taking this direction, fearing it would "kill" his role's appeal as a comical villain, but he was surprised and disappointed at their decision. Speaking to Radio Times, he said that he begged the writers of Money Heist to omit his most controversial scene from the Season 4 script.

You can read what Arce said below:

"And I pleaded, I pleaded, I couldn't sleep for days thinking about that scene, because I really don't even believe in that as fiction. So, when that happened and I had to do it… OK, fine, but then I was like, 'Oh, you killed the character. You killed it'."

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Warning: Spoilers for Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1 ahead.

In the newly-released episodes of Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1, Arturo ended up raging against the Professor's gang, initiating a gun battle between he and a few other hostages and the heist team. He doesn't hold back, and even wields a flamethrower after he and other hostages managed to find themselves in a weapon storage. He uses that flamethrower to threaten the gang, but it was Monica who successfully stops him by hitting him with a bullet.

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Here's what the actor said about Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1:

"It's going to be a tear jerker. This first volume is almost like adrenaline-filled and then it kind of melts down to an amazingly beautiful, well-resolved ending. We've heard of [fans of] other series being disappointed with endings; this, my friend, is not going to be one of them."

There's a good chance that Arturo will return in the second volume of the final season, which is set to premiere on Netflix in December 3.

Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. You can read more details about the final season here.


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