Miyawaki Sakura Leaves Japanese Agency After Securing Contract With HYBE

Miyawaki Sakura
Credit: Stone Music Entertainment

Miyawaki Sakura
Credit: Stone Music Entertainment

Miyawaki Sakura prepares herself for a new journey years after debuting as a Japanese singer.

Miyawaki Sakura first graced the industry as a member of HKT48 – the fourth official sister group of AKB48 following SKE48, SDN48, and NMB48. Although she was accepted in July 2011, she waited for a few months before marking her first appearance as an HKT48 member.

Years after her journey with HKT48, she joined Produce 48 and fortunately debuted with the Korean-Japanese group Iz*One. Her hiatus on HKT48 lasted until Iz*One’s contract expiration in April.

As she was no longer part of the Korean-Japanese group, Miyawaki Sakura sparked rumors that she would be leaving HKT48. Indeed, she confirmed her departure and officially left the group after her graduation in June.

Now that she is already free to do any promotions, Miyawaki Sakura let go of one last tie she had before moving forward with HYBE.

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Miyawaki Sakura Splits From Vernalossom Co., Ltd

On Monday, the official website of Vernalossom Co., Ltd confirmed that Miyawaki Sakura is no longer connected with them. The company said that the Japanese idol’s contract expired months after her HKT48 graduation.

Read the full statement below:

“Thank you very much for your support of Sakira Miyawaki. We would like to report that the management agreement between Sakira Miyawaki and Vernalossom Co., Ltd. has expired. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans who have always supported us. In the future, thank you very much for the unchanging patronity to Miyawaki Sakira.”

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Miyawaki Sakura’s former co-members, Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi, remain under the company.

Before leaving her agency, she released several albums with HKT48 and AKB48 throughout her stint with them. Some of the projects include Hitosashiyubi no Juudan, 2018nen no Hashi, Oh! Baby, clam, Baguette, and Kiss Campaign, among others.

Did Miyawaki Sakura Left Because Of HYBE?

The idol’s departure from the agency came after the public spotted her with HYBE’s security on her way back to Korea.

Star News first reported the news in September, saying that Miyawaki Sakura signed an exclusive deal with BTS’ agency. She has been reportedly tapped to join an upcoming girl group managed by HYBE’s subsidiary, Source Music.

Her move was a long time coming, but HYBE and Vernalossom Co., Ltd had issues, including her portrait and trademark rights in Japan. However, HYBE once said it could not confirm her contract and its content.

Now that Miyawaki Sakura has left her Japanese agency, it is safe to say that she indeed landed a deal with HYBE Labels.

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