Who is Gabriel? Mission: Impossible 7's Villain Explained

Gabriel talking
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Gabriel talking
Credit: Paramount Pictures

In Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, we're introduced to a new villain in the franchise – Esai Morales’ Gabriel. So, who is the villain Gabriel in Mission: Impossible 7?

In Mission: Impossible 7, Ethan Hunt and his team are on their most dangerous mission yet – trying to save the world from The Entity, a powerful, self-aware artificial intelligence program.

Along with The Entity comes Esai Morales’ villain Gabriel. So, who is Gabriel in Mission: Impossible 7? Here’s what we know about Esai Morales’ character.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Read at your own risk!

Who is Gabriel in Mission: Impossible? Esai Morales’ Character Explained

Gabriel looking at Ethan
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Gabriel is a major antagonist in Mission: Impossible 7 who works for The Entity. Because of The Entity, no one really knows who Gabriel is as he has no recorded past.

Ilsa says that Gabriel is The Entity’s chosen messenger and that he is someone who sees death as a gift he wants to share with the rest of the world.

It turns out, Gabriel has a past with Ethan Hunt, although not too many details about it are revealed in the film.

What we do know based on flashbacks in Mission: Impossible 7 is that the villain Gabriel killed a woman named Marie, someone who was close to Ethan years before he joined the IMF.

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When the team asks Ethan about Gabriel, Ethan says that he is someone he thought died a long time ago in his life before the IMF (or before he was offered the choice).

Ethan also reveals that “in a very real sense” Gabriel “made me who I am today.” After Gabriel kills Marie, Ethan chooses to join the IMF. So, Gabriel is responsible for Ethan becoming a spy.

Talking about the Mission: Impossible 7 villain Gabriel, Director Christopher McQuarrie told Entertainment Weekly:

“I can tell you that he’s definitely the antagonist in our story, or rather he is one of the antagonists in our story. He’s something of an enigma. You discover more about him over the course of the two movies. There’s definitely more to him than meets the eye and he’s something of a ghost of the past.”

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Gabriel’s Role in Mission: Impossible 7 Explained

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Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One revolves around obtaining the key needed to unlock The Entity’s source code.

Gabriel is aided by The Entity, which gives him an upper hand as the AI program allows him to go undetected in airports and gives him information and predictions that turn out to be correct, such as the death of Ilsa Faust.

Gabriel is responsible for a number of deaths in the movie. He is responsible for the death of Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible 7, which makes him responsible for the deaths of two important women in Ethan Hunt’s life.

Apart from Ilsa’s death, Gabriel is also responsible for killing Denlinger and the near-death of the assassin Paris.

But while it may seem like Gabriel is winning, the movie ends with Ethan having the completed key. However, this doesn’t mean that his fight with Gabriel is over.

While there’s no official synopsis for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two yet, it’s clear that Gabriel will go after Ethan for the key. And maybe, the sequel would also shed more light on Ethan and Gabriel’s past.

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