Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Release Date

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Episode three of Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department showed how Kuroitsu struggled after her latest monster was beaten easily by the heroes.

In order to fix Hydra, her latest monster, she would need eight auxiliary and venom. However, the department does not have enough budget so she can only get one extra head.

Kuroitsu had no choice but to settle with two heads but the result is still the same. She then accidentally entered Blader’s restaurant, the hero who defeated her monster. She unexpectedly inspired him to be a better hero.

The following week, she redesigned Hydra by giving it four extra heads. Will Hydra become a better villain or will Kuroitsu discover another way to power up her monster? Find out in Miss Kuroitsu episode four.

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Details

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Release Date
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Credit: Crunchyroll
Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Release Date

Episode four will be released on February 6, 2022 on ABC and TV Asahi.

Fans from Oceania, Southeast Asia, and South Asia can stream the episode on Medialink’s channels.

Crunchyroll added the series to its library to accommodate western audiences. The platform is not only exclusive to members, giving non-members a chance to view their preferred series on the site.

To avail of this, they must try the free trial period of the platform. During this period, fans can stream Miss Kuroitsu and other titles for free. But after the period, they must sign up to continue watching.

The streaming giant has a membership fee of $9.99 per month. Members also have the option to pay a yearly fee of $79.99. They will have a chance to watch Miss Kuroitsu without ads and even view it offline. They can also simulcast one hour after Japan to get an update on the latest episode without worrying about spoilers.

The episodes come with English subtitles for western audiences. The English dubbed version is not available at the moment so fans will have to wait for Crunchyroll’s official announcement regarding this one.

Crunchyroll is known to offer dubbed versions of its titles so the chance of Miss Kuroitsu getting an English dub is not impossible.

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Countdown

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 4 Countdown

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