Ming-Na Wen Addresses Fan Petition to Revive Agents of SHIELD

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Before the MCU officially ventured into television last year, there were a lot of Marvel shows that were airing including Agents of SHIELD on ABC. The series ended its run in August 2020, but that didn't stop fans from wanting more especially now that the characters from the Netflix Marvel shows are making appearances in the main MCU canon. There's even a fan petition right now on social media to revive the series.

Speaking with Deadline, Ming-Na Wen, who played Melinda May in the series, was asked about her thoughts on the petition. She said, "I love that our small fanbase is getting bigger and bigger, because I think people are starting to rewatch all the episodes and realizing what a wonderful series it was and I love the fans and the fans’ reactions. Fingers crossed. Who knows?"

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Despite the strong petition from fans, it seems that the MCU is making ways to establish that Agents of SHIELD is not part of the canon with the introduction of their own iteration of the Darkhold in WandaVision and establishing in Hawkeye that Laura Barton is Agent 19 (aka Mockingbird). So far, none of the MCU movies and shows have made any connection or acknowledged Agents of SHIELD even though the series has made numerous references to the films, especially in the earlier seasons.

Right now, there's no indication that the MCU is going to revisit Agents of SHIELD or acknowledge it as part of the canon. But with the multiverse, there is a way for them to make a reference to the series without having it be part of the main universe's canon. There's also a possibility that the characters will show up, but it's going to be the main MCU variant instead of what was presented in the series.

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Let's just wait and see if the MCU will be acknowledging the series in some capacity in the future.

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