Miles Morales Rumored to Make MCU Debut in Spider-Man 4

Credit: Sony Pictures

Credit: Sony Pictures

We all know for a fact that the Multiverse Saga hasn't been that kind to Peter Parker and following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, he's returning to his roots as a street-level hero. Most of you are already aware by now that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are once again collaborating for a fourth Spidey flick and now, juicy details about the project are coming to light.

No Way Home
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Credit: Sony Pictures

On Twitter, insider Tom Smith reported that Marvel has serious plans to finally introduce Miles Morales in Spider-Man 4. According to his scoop, the studio's earliest draft for the film sees Miles living in the same apartment complex where Peter Parker lives but it's unclear whether or not the studio will pull the trigger with their current plans.

Intriguingly, the report also claims director Jon Watts hasn't signed on to return although the studio would love to have him back on board. It turns out that Watts, who worked on the first MCU Spider-Man trilogy experienced burnout from doing superhero films, which was cited as the main reason he dropped out of the Fantastic Four reboot.

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While I'm part of the majority of fans who believe it's about time the MCU brought Miles to the fold, I hope they'll slowly plant the seeds for his eventual debut as Spider-Man instead of rushing things. I mean, Holland has yet to reach his prime as the web-slinger, at least in my book so I'd much rather see Miles' hero journey be given a slow but methodical build.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' fourth Spider-Man film is currently in the works.

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