Miles Morales is Ditching Nike for Adidas in New Spider-Man Game

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Credit: Marvel

Marvel's upcoming PlayStation 5 video game Spider-Man: Miles Morales is making some surprising changes to Miles' overall look. No, it doesn't concern his Spidey suit or any of the gizmos he uses for battle, but our web-slinging fellow will now be ditching his iconic Nike Air Jordans in exchange for a brand new Adidas kicks in the new video game. Shockingly enough, that the new tweak didn't sit well especially with fans of Sony's animated blockbuster Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse who've gotten accustomed to seeing Miles wear the legendary pair of Jordans.

The change has yet to be acknowledged and explained by the team behind Insomniac games yet but fans are already expressing their dismay over the said change. For reasons unknown even to me, Miles' shoe "upgrade" is causing a major backlash from avid fans of the young web-slinging hero, and boy, they're beyond pressed about it. Check out some of the Twitter reactions here:


Personally, I'm not at all pressed nor bothered about the idea of Miles changing his shoes. I mean, it's a minor change that is too silly to be angry about. I'm not even sure why people are furious, to begin with. Now, what I'm more concerned about is what the game exactly brings to the table considering we already have a standalone Spider-Man game which is also hitting the much-awaited PlayStation 5. If it ends up sharing the same feel as the aforementioned game, it'll be a major letdown for sure. But hey, it could certainly be better than Marvel's Avengers, right?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is hitting stores in November.

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