Miles Morales Declares That Black Trans Lives Matter

Spider-Man is just the best huh? Whether it's Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or Gwen Stacy, this is a character that resonates with so many people due to their struggles, something that goes beyond race, sex, or religion. This is why many of us were pleased to see a cosplayer dressed as Spider-Man join a Black Lives Matter movement last week. Now, we have a cosplayer of the "Ultimate" Spider-Man, Miles Morales, going for an amalgam protest by declaring that Black Trans Lives Matter.

Why specify trans lives? No, it's not because they want straight people dead but because June is Pride Month and the LGBTQ community could use some love as well. If anyone knows the pain of an unjust death it's members of this community so don't get any dumb ideas about them "stealing the momentum of Black Lives Matter" because you're wrong.

Miles Morales is often seen as one of the better successor characters in comics, embodying the same ethics as the original Spider-Man while also dealing with issues that only a young black man can. The character has starred in numerous comics and finally starred in his first movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is the best Spider-Man movie ever made.

Pride Month has been a bit rough with all the unrest and anger caused by police brutality, though if we're being honest 2020 itself has been a never-ending nightmare. Bright spots like this are desperately needed in these hard times and we hope they keep on coming since it's been tough on a lot of people, regardless of your skin, gender, or sexual preference.

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