Mike Myers Interested In Doing A Dr. Evil Movie

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It looks like Austin Powers writer, producer, ad star Mike Myers is interested in revisiting the popular James Bond parody series, this time creating a film in the perspective of the wacky villain Dr. Evil.

Myers just recently spoke in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Hollywood premiere of Terminal, a heist thriller that he stars in with DC Extended Universe actress Margo Robbie. While speaking with the publication about his new film, Myers admitted that he wasn't done with the quirky Austin Powers series just yet.

"I would love to do a movie from Dr. Evil's perspective. So it would be Dr. Evil 1, Austin Powers 4, is how I would roll," he said. "Start the campaign, please. Thank you."

A film in the perspective of Dr. Evil would be interesting. We've had a lot of Austin Powers movies focused on everyone's favorite hard-partying, womanizing British Spy. It's time that we have a movie centered around the terrible terrorist, Dr. Evil. The only problem is that this new movie won't have Dr. Evil's iconic doppelganger, Mini-Me.

Verne Troyer, the actor who played Mini-Me passed away at the age of 49 after being admitted to the hospital earlier in April.

Last week, Myers went up on Jimmy Kimmel Live, opening up about the passing of Troyer in an emotional conversation with Jimmy Kimmel.

"Verne was a fantastic human being," Myers shared. "And a great comedian. And I always just want to make that point. As written, Mini-Me is like almost a prop, but he brought it up off the page, made it better than written and we just ended up giving him more and more stuff to do. But a great physical comedian, a great dancer, just a fantastic guy."

A Dr. Evil movie is going to be very different without Mini-Me. It might still be funny, but it's definitely going to be different without Dr. Evil's favorite clone.

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