Mike Flanagan's Dark Tower Reboot Searching for Streaming Platform

In case you missed it, Mike Flanagan is currently developing a series reboot of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. However, it looks like the project is already in jeopardy. The Haunting of Hill House creator has just revealed that they are having trouble finding a streaming platform for the new show.

Mike Flanagan was recently a guest on the Script Apart podcast where he shared an update on his latest project.

"[My creative partner Trevor Macy and I] have The Dark Tower," he said. Flanagan then confirmed that they are having some trouble getting it out there but he's loving the entire experience.

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"We carved it out from our Netflix deal, knowing we were leaving, and we carved it out from our Amazon deal as well, knowing that they'd already tried to do [a Dark Tower adaptation] and might be reluctant to do it," he said. "So, The Dark Tower doesn't have a studio. We don't have a partner on it yet, so I'm developing it myself, which is really a blast,"

There's a good reason why Flanagan is thrilled to have the rights to The Dark Tower. "That's my dream project, you know?" he said. "I've wanted to do that for so long." Needless to say, he remains hopeful that the project will push through.

"If we can get it off the ground, if we can actually get it going, I'm not ruling out Amazon's involvement down the line. Our relationship with them is brand new, so we'll have to see. But, yeah, I work on The Dark Tower in one capacity or another every day," Flanagan said.

We're certainly glad to know that Mike Flanagan is determined to give The Dark Tower the reboot it deserves after the film adaptation failed. Needless to say, this is one project we are all looking forward to.

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