Middle-Aged Vaderless Anakin Skywalker Created by Morphing Hayden Christensen and Sebastian Shaw

Have you wondered what Anakin would look like if he didn't fight Obi-Wan in their battle in Mustafar? What if he didn't become a Sith at all? What if he didn't end up being Darth Vader?

Redditor /U/isaac 2 imagined that alternate timeline, and decided to show us what Anakin would look like if he didn't become Darth Vader. He took the faces of Hayden Christensen (Episodes II and III) and Sebastian Shaw (Episode VI Anakin) to create a middle-aged Jedi of the character. The result looks interesting. Check out the magic: 

Jedi Anakin: Hayden Christensen/Sebastian Shaw morph


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