Microsoft Announces Xbox Games With Gold for May 2021

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Games with Gold are those which could be played for those with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate where holders of the pass could access games for free. Xbox Games With Gold for the month of May this year, 2021, has been announced by Microsoft: LEGO Batman, Armello, Dungeons 3, and Tropico 4. All these would be available on the first of May.


According to Microsoft, LEGO Batman, Dungeons 3, Armello, and Tropico 4 represent a cost of $79.96 and has with it 4000 points for Gamerscore that the players will need to earn.

Armello has the longest range of dates to download for free for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from May 1st to May 31st. The game of Armello is about a grim fairytale board game which shall feature a character-building RPG having players taking the role of being a hero while facing a battle and traversing the vast kingdom of the game with the goal of becoming the next royalty of Armello.

As for LEGO Batman, it could only be downloaded in 15 days available for free download on May 1 to May 15. The first ever iteration of the character in LEGO, it has the classic gameplay of LEGO which is in the characters of DC with the players being the LEGO Caped Crusader and they face Joker and other villains. It was originally released on Xbox 360 but now it has backwards compatibility which is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

From May 16 to June 15, Dungeons 3 would be available for free download with a dungeon-building in real time allows players to strategize in helping the Dungeon Lord for him to be successful in his conquest and all at the same time, charge to the frontlines of Thayla, the chief lieutenant. The players have a choice from orcs, zombies, succubae, and many others so they could take down the do-gooders belonging from the overworld.


Lastly, Tropico 4 will be up for free downloading for only 15 days from May 16 until May 31, 2021. As an Xbox 360 title, the players will be the El Presidente of the game and must dictate all that happens in their island with the goal of convincing the island people for support.

Excited for all these games? Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate both costs $14.99 a month.

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