Microsoft Announces a New Fable Game for Xbox Series X

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After a bad Nintendo Mini-Direct, fans were pleasantly surprised when Microsoft actually gave us a great Xbox Series X Games Showcase. Not only did we get our first bit of gameplay for Halo Infinite and a look at some cool-looking launch titles but the show ended with a pretty big reveal; a new Fable game is coming to the Xbox Series X. It's been years since we last saw an entry to this title so you can imagine how excited Xbox fans must be.

The trailer shown above is only a cinematic but it sure was a pretty one, giving us the gist of how random this game universe can be. Most of the trailer is dedicated to a highly-detailed fairy character that would be a sidekick in a normal video game but in Fable, it can just be eaten by a frog. It's possible that this could be part of the game's marketing campaign about how anything can happen, which makes sense given this series' history.

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Credit: Xbox Game Studios/Lion Head Studios

For those unaware, Fable was hyped up in the original Xbox as being a game where players can do anything they want. Marry anyone, kill anyone, be a good guy or a villain, these choices were up to you. This ended up being a blessing and a curse since the game was criticized for still following a linear story, despite all the freedom hyped up.

In spite of the false marketing for the first entry (and every other sequel this game has had, let's be real folks), Fable does have a strong place in people's hearts. The combat was decent, each game always looked nice on the console it came out on, and it's actually nice seeing Microsoft embrace a fantasy series since most of their exclusives are shooters and racers.

No release date for this new Fable game has been revealed.

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