Michael Jackson Confirmed to Have Attempted Purchasing Marvel

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image credits: YouTube/Vman

Marvel was in for a turn when Disney decided to acquire Marvel Entertainment. However, it seems like the House of Mouse wasn't the only one interested in Marvel. It turns out, Michael Jackson was interested in buying Marvel too.

To those who don't really know that much about the music legend, Michael Jackson was a huge fan of Spider-Man. In the 1990s, before Sam Raimi made the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire, Jackson wanted to make a Spider-Man movie of his own and play the lead.

Stan Lee said that the music legend approached him to talk about procuring the rights to the wall-crawler. The comic book writer and editor then told Jackson that he would need to go to Marvel for his request. Right there and then, Jackson then considered buying Marvel.

Speaking in an interview with Popcorned Planet, Jackson's nephew Taj confirmed the story saying that his uncle did try to make a legitimate attempt at purchasing Marvel.

"It was Marvel and I remember that. I remember being with my brothers and him talking about purchasing Marvel. He wanted to do that with Stan Lee," Taj told the entertainment news outlet, "They had been talking and discussing that. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, I think they were shut down from doing that. I don't know the reasons why but they were adamantly in the process of doing that."

So it seems like the stories were true. Jackson really did try to buy Marvel. Not by himself, but with Stan Lee. It seems like the music legend wanted Stan the Man to work alongside him. Such a shame that nothing really came out of the process.


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