Michael B. Jordan Speaks to One-Punch Man’s Murata About Live-Action Adaptation Plans

Michael B. Jordan One-Punch Man Murata

Michael B. Jordan One-Punch Man Murata

To promote Creed III, Michael B. Jordan was interviewed by One-Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata, and they talked about Jordan’s thoughts on directing a live-action anime adaptation.

This is just one of many stops that Jordan went on in his Japan tour to promote his latest movie. And while this may seem unexpected, it makes a lot of sense given both the film and Jordan's interests.

As he revealed previously, Creed III is inspired by anime, as Jordan is a well-known anime fan.

Michael B. Jordan’s Anime-Filled Japanese Tour

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Creed III is the latest film in the Rocky spin-off series, and unlike the previous two films, this third movie is directed by its star, Michael B. Jordan.

Given Jordan’s love for anime, it’s no surprise that he took a lot of inspiration from his favorite titles for Creed III, including shows like Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and Naruto.

While the film was released in the US back in March, Creed III was only released in Japanese cinemas today. And ahead of the Japanese theatrical run, Jordan embarked on an event-filled anime tour.

For one, Jordan visited a Jump Shop in Japan. This shop is Shonen Jump’s official brick-and-mortar store that features merchandise for the magazine’s hit anime titles.

Along with this, Jordan also visited Pierrot, the studio behind Naruto, and other shonen works.

To mark Jordan’s visit, he was given a special illustration by Tetsuya Nishio, the character designer of Naruto.

After his trip to Pierrot, Jordan met up with One-Punch Man manga artist Yusuke Murata for a special interview.

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Michael B. Jordan Gets Interviewed by One-Punch Man Artist Yusuke Murata

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The interview was shared by Eiga Natalie, and there, Murata shared his praise towards the latest Creed film.

They also talked about some similarities between Creed and One-Punch Man regarding their protagonists’ journeys.

Though perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was when they talked about Jordan potentially doing a live-action adaptation of an anime.

Jordan mentioned that he has been approached before on directing a live-action adaptation, though he said that he doesn’t believe that live-action technology now can 100% adapt an anime.

Of course, Jordan didn’t close the door entirely as he is still interested in trying his hand at one if the technology improves in the future.

Creed III is now screening in Japanese cinemas. Meanwhile, the film is now streaming in the US on Prime Video.

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Source: Eiga Natalie

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