Meghan Markle Unfriends Priyanka Chopra, Amal Alamuddin? Prince Harry's Wife Reportedly 'Lonely', 'Tired' In The US

Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

It has been two years since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked the world with their royal exit announcement. At the time, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cited their desire to become financially independent as the major reason behind their decision to step down from their senior royal roles.

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Initially, things went well for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The pair even secured and inked multimillion-dollar deals to produce content for Spotify and Netflix. However, things did not go their way as some of their lineup projects were shelved due to various reasons, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than two years and a half since leaving the U.K. for California, Meghan Markle is said to be having a hard time finding her way. Keep on reading to know more details.

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Is Meghan Markle Secretly Struggling In America?

Life & Style, in its latest edition, reported that things have not been easy for Meghan Markle lately. Though she is already living a life away from the scrutinizing eyes of the British media, the wife of Prince Harry allegedly finds it hard to be happy.

An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet:

“Meghan is struggling. It’s as if she’s trapped in this dark hole that she can’t climb out of.”

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The magazine even suggested that there have been major shifts in Meghan Markle’s movements. A local told Life & Style that he has seen Meghan at the village grocery for quite some time now, adding that she and Prince Harry used to be regular there when they first moved to Montecito, Calif.

The insider claimed:

“Meghan used to be a regular here, but I haven’t seen her since November 2021. She was with Archie and looked really sad. Something seemed off.”

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Meghan Markle Fears People Will Talk Behind Her Back?

It was also reported that Meghan Markle finds it hard to trust anyone at the moment because she feels like everyone could betray her at any time. An anonymous tipster said:

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“Meghan pushed back. There aren’t many people Meghan feels she can count on or trust. She’ll let people in for a while and then accuse them of being phoney and claim they’re using her. She’s ghosted old friends and is wary about making new ones because she’s paranoid they’ll gossip.”

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It went on:

“To be honest, people from her inner circle are gossiping because they never see her. Meghan will make excuses not to see even those who are loyal to her. [Close friends like actress Priyanka Chopra, and human rights attorney Amal Clooney, 44] have stopped inviting her to anything because she can never attend or cancels at the final hour – there’s always an excuse about something coming up.”

Meghan Markle has yet to comment on the claims that she is “lonelier” now as she tries to balance motherhood, work and failing friendships. So, devoted supporters of Prince Harry’s wife should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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