Meghan Markle Shows a Telltale Sign When Under Pressure? Prince Harry Reportedly Copes Tension With This Move

Credit: TalkTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TalkTV/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle navigated life in the palace when she was still living in the United Kingdom. Many noticed that she makes a particular habit when she's overwhelmed or uncertain in a particular situation.

Meghan Markle Touches Her Hair When Stressed?

In 2017, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement. During the official announcement, they posed for photos for photographers, and she was repeatedly seen pushing her hair away from her face, Showbiz CheatSheet reported.

Many noticed that she makes the same gesture in public when carrying royal engagements. According to the outlet, she touched her hair more and more.

One explained that it could be out of habit. She was probably used to touching her hair even — when watching T.V. or talking to someone on the phone. So, it could be simply a habit.

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Meghan Markle Touches Her Tresses To Stay Calm, Body Language Expert Claims

Meanwhile, body language expert Elizabeth Kuhnke explained to The Daily Mail that the gesture could be the Duchess of Sussex's means to calm herself down.

"When feeling nervous - knowing millions of people are watching and judging - tilting one's head down and playing with hair is a tell of the psychological state of the need to shield or protect herself," Kuhnke said.

"It's a physical and psychological calming gesture when feeling uncomfortable or stressed," the expert added. "It's the adult version of a child clutching a favorite toy, mother's skirt, or father's hand. When feeling anxious and not knowing what to do or say."

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Although Markle is used to being in the spotlight because she was an actress before she married Prince Harry, the body language expert noted that Prince Harry's wife was in a "new public position" when she joined the firm. She rose to fame in Suits, but the person many knew was not the real person behind the character.

"Being in the spotlight as an accomplished actress is a different role than the one she now finds herself in," Kuhnke said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Meghan Markle.

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