Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry's Wife Targeted To Build Up Kate Middleton?

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Meghan Markle has been the target of criticisms by some individuals in their op-eds while they build Kate Middleton who will be celebrating another milestone on Sunday.

Meghan Markle Accused Of Hating Kate Middleton's Popularity

Petronella Wyatt wrote an article about the two duchesses in The Sun. In the title, she wrote, "Meghan must hate how popular Kate has become as she turns 40...she is the beautiful Glinda to her Wicked Witch of the West."


In the article, Wyatt praised Middleton but slammed Markle. She said the Duchess of Cambridge is "rare."

"Her chestnut hair seems always lit by the sun's afterglow, her skin saturated by summer mists and her complexion is the envy of dermatologists," she wrote describing Middleton.

On the other hand, she criticized other female royals, including Princess Charlene, Queen Letizia of Spain, and Markle.

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"The Duchess of Sussex, with her slippery, shiny pout, is a concrete siren rising before her husband, her face powdered, her eyelashes dropping provokingly," she wrote.

Wyatt also said that Middleton put her husband first and even asked Prince William "Are you happy?" after their exchange of marriage vows in the genuine hope that he was.

She added that it helped that the future queen consort is "unlike her sister-in-law" and that he has never tried to convince the Duke of Cambridge that he is mentally ill and bordering on suicidal.


"In some ways, this is a tale of two women, and for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, the popularity of Kate is wormwood, as the popularity of Glinda was to the Wicked Witch of the West," she wrote.

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Meghan Markle Slammed To Allegedly Build Up Kate Middleton?

Omid Scobie, the author of the unauthorized biography of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Finding Freedom, reacted to Wyatt's write-up. For him, it was unnecessary to build up the Duchess of Cambridge at the expense of the Duchess of Sussex.

"I don't understand this constant need to use op-eds about the Duchess of Cambridge's 40th to sling mud at women that have nothing to do with her or her birthday. The language in this vile @TheSun article is sexist, hateful and creepy," Scobie tweeted.

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Several reacted to Scobie's tweet agreeing that Wyatt's write-up was damning to Markle. In response, Markle's supporters slammed Kate Middleton.


"The fact is that Meghan sets the bar. It’s way way above Kate’s but the interest in Meghan gets Kate some interest and engagement indirectly and therefore not on her own merit," one wrote.

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"No one wants to read about her. Only Meghan can bring attention," another added.

Meanwhile, some are hoping that Middleton and Markle would reunite and join efforts in ending the comparisons between them or other women.

"I pray for M and K to release a joint statement asking the media and public to celebrate women without damning another," one netizen wrote.

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