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Meghan Markle Shock: Estranged Half-Brother Thomas Markle Jr. Apologizes After Sending Prince Harry A 'Mean Letter'

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Meghan Markle is not on speaking terms with the Markle family, including her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. Just recently, her estranged half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. seemingly reached out to them by apologizing on TV.

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Thomas Jr. Apologizes To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Thomas Jr. is currently in Australia's Big Brother VIP. On Monday's episode, he read his letter on TV saying that sending them a "mean letter" three years ago was the "worst mistake of his life."

"Dear Meghan and Harry, the first thing I want to say to both of you is that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart for the awful, mean letter that I wrote to you prior to your wedding," he said while reading his letter as quoted by Page Six.

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According to Thomas Jr., he was not really mean and had more love inside to give. However, he was hurt when Markle considered him a "distant family."

Thomas Jr. Slammed Meghan Markle, Warned Prince Harry Not To Marry Her

Thomas Markle Jr. penned a letter to Prince Harry dated April 26, 2018. In his letter, he encouraged the royal prince to cancel the royal wedding because marrying his sister would be the "biggest mistake" in his family.

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"Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you," he wrote.

"The whole world is watching Meg makes bad decisions and choices, it's not too late Harry," he added.

He also slammed Markle saying that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame got into her head and turned her into someone "jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke out of you and the royal family heritage."

That's not all, Thomas Jr. criticized the bride-to-be at the time for not inviting her own family but inviting complete strangers to her big day instead.

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But just days after his letter to Prince Harry, he penned another letter addressed to Markle. In his letter, Thomas Jr. asked his sister for a wedding invite.

"It does hurt my feelings not getting invited to your wedding, along with the rest of the family. But it’s not too late to send me an invite along with your entire family," he wrote.

In his second open letter, Thomas Jr. apologized to Markle for "venting my frustrations about [how] he should call it off, but I was disappointed and confused about not getting invited."

Markle didn't listen to Thomas Jr.'s plea. She still didn't send them invited. Only Markle's mom, Doria Ragland, was her family member present at her royal wedding.

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