Meghan Markle Secret: What Makes Prince Harry's Wife The Duchess Of Sussex A Brilliant Speaker

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Credit: Global Citizen/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle is a great public speaker because she knows the secrets of how to be one. Max Beaumont, a communication skills coach and trainer, analyzed the Duchess of Sussex's speech at Smart Works Launch back in 2019, and here's what he said.

Meghan Markle Is A Good Public Speaker

Max carefully listened and analyzed Markle's gestures and words while delivering her speech. The expert was impressed at how natural Markle was.

Prince Harry's wife started her speech by acknowledging the weather and apologizing to the audience who waited. According to Max, it is essential to get the audience's attention.

"Without even going into what her speech is, she’s [Meghan] acknowledged a bunch of things which have nothing to do with her speech," he told Express. "She apologised before she started - I think it’s a good way of connecting with your audience, she’s trying to get on their level, get on the human level with her audience."

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He added that Markle is a good speaker. He isn't sure if her prior experience as an actress has something to do with it, but she has the skills and talent to be a public speaker.

"She’s a good speaker, you can tell right away, very natural, the way she’s speaking, it feels like she’s having a conversation with one of her friends or someone in her family. You can tell it’s a natural," he added. "Maybe it’s rehearsed? Maybe she went over it? But it’s coming across very real, just like it seems how she would speak on a day-to-day basis."

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Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton's First Royal Speeches Compared

It's not a secret that Meghan Markle hit the ground running when she joined the royal family. She made her first speech as a royal just four months after her royal wedding. Meanwhile, it took almost a year before Kate Middleton did.

Markle made her first royal speech when she launched a cookbook for Grenfell Tower victims. She didn't take any noted when she delivered her speech. It wasn't surprising, though, because she is good at memorizing lines.

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On the other hand, Middleton relied on notes for her speech. She also frequently paused to look down at them.

According to Marie Claire, Markle got all the support she needed when she delivered her first royal speech. Her husband, Prince Harry, and mom, Doria Ragland, were present. On the other hand, Middleton was alone when she did her's in 2012 because Prince William was away on a six-week military mission.


Another remarkable similarity is that they wore the same shade of outfit. Markle and Middleton both rocked blue and black outfits for the event.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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