Medusa Dishes Out Mane Madness in Marvel Puzzle Quest

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Earlier this year, the King of Inhumans Black Bolt had joined Marvel Puzzle Quest. Now, his queen, the mighty Medusa is bringing in some major game-changing issues to the mane event.

Marvel got in touch with D3 Go! producer Josh Austin to discuss what fans can expect of the Queen of Inhumans.


Austin revealed that Medusa had been the winner of the Marvel NOW! Poll, and since the King of Inhumans has already joined the roster, it was already in the cards that they would add his queen.

During the development of Medusa, the creators have opted her to become a support character that heals and damages when done right. However, her hair is still the show-stealer, because she can cause a stir and a lot of damage, while also stealing tiles and getting additional AP. How's that for turning the game around?

Before fans start comparing her to the trickster Loki who takes control of special tiles, Medusa's power is more unique in that she has the ability to steal any tile touched by her hair. Essentially, her locks can turn an enemy tile into a friendly tile, which is a far powerful approach.

"She will be able to turn the battle around if the player feels overwhelmed with a ton of enemy Special tiles on the board. She would have been great against the Mindless Ones in the Doctor Strange event earlier this month!"

Medusa will be available at the start of December in Marvel Puzzle Quest, so fans can also expect her to be part of the Hearts of Darkness event. Medusa's Vault will transpire from Dec. 4 to 9 alongside the Venom Bomb event while Medusa's PVP event, the Big Bangs Theory will happen from Dec. 8 to 12.


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