MCU Fans are Siding with Ryan Reynolds Following Deadpool Co-Star's Accusations

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

The idea of Ryan Reynolds being hated by people is surely a tough pill to swallow but his Deadpool co-star TJ Miller has seemingly made it his mission to put the Marvel actor in a bad light. If you weren't aware, both actors, who played on-screen besties for two consecutive Deadpool films apparently didn't share the same chemistry in real life that Wade Wilson and Weasel obviously had in the Marvel Universe.

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Credit: Fox

Just recently, the comedian accused Reynolds of being "horrifically mean" to him after the first Deadpool film launched his career to the stratosphere. He even claims that the Green Lantern star has genuine beef with him behind the camera, something that might come as new information to some fans.

Well, it looks like Miller won't be able to put Reynolds down that easily as fans are siding with the Canadian star. On Twitter, the actor's supporters lambasted the comedian's latest claims with some even bringing up his past issues of sexual assault and faking a bomb threat back in 2018. Check out some of the reactions below:

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Reynolds has yet to address the accusations being thrown his way but I don't think he'll bother. We can safely say that Miller is definitely out of the upcoming Deadpool film which also stars Hugh Jackman but does that mean the Weasel character is no more?

Hopefully, Marvel Studios will continue using the character but knowing how the whole Deadpool franchise works, it wouldn't be shocking if Wade Wilson addressed Miller's departure via fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans.

Deadpool 3 is currently slated for release on September 6, 2024.

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