11 Jul 2016 6:22 AM +00:00 UTC

Matt Smith Rumored To Return To Doctor Who

Whovians know that the cast of Doctor Who will continue to change as years go by. The Doctor's companions come and go, and every few years, the Doctor "regenerates" and becomes a different person.

Usually, they cast a new actor to play the role of The Doctor, but for the first time, the role might revert back to Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor).

According to Daily Mirror's report, showrunner Steven Moffat has hinted that Smith may return as The Doctor, noting that Smith is "quite open about how much he misses it, and how much he wishes he hadn't left."

Moffat's hints doesn't necessarily mean that Matt Smith will replace Peter Capaldi. So far, we haven't seen the Doctor regenerate into a form he's used before, so it's much more likely that we'll see Smith return as a guest in the new season, giving us another multi-Doctor episode. If Smith turns out to return as The Doctor after Moffat's form regenerates, fans will most likely have mixed reactions as they would see the show taking a step backward instead of forward.

Doctor Who will return in December with the 2016 Christmas special, and Series 10 will begin in 2017.