Matt Reeves Wishes Batman a Happy Birthday And Teases New Bat Symbol

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Batman turned 80 a few days ago and fans are still celebrating how relevant The Dark Knight continues to be. Detective Comics #1000, a 96-page special that's introducing a canon version of the Arkham Knight, was released last week to critical acclaim and we all can't wait to see what's next for Bruce Wayne's alter-ego (or is it the opposite?).

Plenty of people have greeted Batman, from fans to celebrities, but one greeting that got a lot of attention was the one Matt Reeves gave. As we all know, Reeves is directing The Batman so it was interesting to see his post and notice a blurred out version of the character's symbol. Knowing how comic book movies are made these days, this was likely done on purpose.

As fans can see, this blurred out version of the symbol is a bit chunkier than what fans are used to. This also seems to indicate that we won't be seeing the yellow emblem around it, which is disappointing for those that wanted to see that. At the least, fans can expect to see something new from this version of the character, especially since Bruce Wayne will no longer be played by Ben Affleck.

Currently, it's not yet known who will replace Affleck, though many reports have claimed that this will be a mystery thriller set in the ‘90s. Maybe this is a tribute to Batman: The Animated Series, but we're just thinking out loud.

The Batman is currently for a June 25, 2021 release.

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