Matt Reeves’ Batman Universe Just Planted the Seeds for Superman Crossover

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Credit: WB

Superman's existence in Matt Reeves' The Batman universe has long been a huge "riddle" to DC fans but now, it's crystal clear that despite the Robert Pattinson film being presented as a film that takes place in its own bubble, there's still a possibility that he would bump into characters that happen to share a rich history with the Dark Knight.

Credit: WB

In the second issue of the ongoing The Riddler: Year One series written by actor Paul Dano (via The Direct), a panel in the six-issue comic shows a woman waiting for a train that will take her to Metropolis. Obviously, the aforementioned location is the city where Clark Kent lives and most of his adventures take place.

Interestingly, the passenger ticket the woman is holding shares the same color scheme as Superman's iconic costume. Now, the real question is, was this just an homage to the beloved character, or has the "ReevesVerse" begun planting the seeds for the Man of Steel's eventual arrival in Gotham City? I guess the possibility will always be there.

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It's worth noting that Reeves previously stated that he has no intentions of incorporating other DC characters into The Batman franchise and the plan has always been to give fans a more grounded version of the character. Even James Gunn recently revealed that Pattinson's caped crusader will remain a part of DC's "elseworld" universe following reports claiming that he'll officially replace Ben Affleck as the DC Universe's main Batman.

But of course, that wasn't a clear guarantee that other superpowered characters from the comics won't crossover to their already-established universe.

The Batman is available to stream on HBO Max.