Matrix Resurrections Mocks Meta on Facebook Rebranding

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Definitely one of the most shocking news this week would be the rebranding of Facebook to Meta as announced by none other than Mark Zuckerberg and while it has garnered mixed reception form various users of the social media platform, Matrix Resurrections has their own response as they mock the step created by one of the largest online companies.

Matrix Resurrections Mocks Meta on Facebook Rebranding
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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Matrix Resurrections Mocks Meta on Facebook Rebranding

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook would be having more expansions, even having Grand Theft Auto-like interactions with other users of the site and it seems that not all are in favor of one of the biggest changes that the largest social media platform, Facebook, would be taking.

While it has been clarified that only the name of the parent company would change, a lot of people are still keen on what this change could entail in the totality of the services rendered by Facebook. One of these reviews that doesn’t sit well is that of Matrix Resurrections which was able to use the underlying issue with something possibly intertwined with the story of the movie itself.

In a tweet, Matrix Resurrections seemingly mocks the rebranding of Facebook, even using the iconic red or blue pill that Neo used to choose from. They leave the choice to the people but left a strong message.

The Matrix universe had been silent and it took them almost two decades for the fourth film. However, only Lana Wachowski will be back for this installment. The movie had been long-awaited and finally, it is here. The last of the trilogy showed that both Neo and Trinity died: Trinity from the crash of the hovercraft and Neo faced his death after he destroyed Agent Smith. The heroes died saving everyone.

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Theories are circulating that Neo and Trinity will be revived to fight a new threat that will be arising after the original trilogy. Included in the theory was that Neo and Trinity would be time traveling to visit the past and the eras of Zion where they would possibly be meeting a young Morpheus who was then a rebellious firebrand.


The Matrix Resurrections is scheduled to release in theaters on December 22, 2021. It will also be available on HBO Max on the same date for online streaming.

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