Matrix Director Confirms the Movie is an Allegory for Transexuality

When people watch The Matrix the usual metaphor they can take from it is that Neo is supposed to represent a Christ figure, and while that still seemed like an accurate take on the story, director Lilly Wachowski has confirmed that The Matrix franchise is also a story about Transexuality.

You can watch her talk about it in this clip promoting the Netflix documentary Disclosure which will tackle the history of trans representation in films and television. Check it out:

21 years after The Matrix debuted and blew our minds, Lilly Wachowski looks back on the film's legacy, discusses the trans allegory at the center of the sci-fi classic, and shares her and Lana Wachowski's original vision for the character Switch.

If you remember Switch from the first movie played by Belinda McClory, she was a character that was designed to be androgynous to pay homage to the original concept. Originally, Switch would be a woman in the Matrix but was actually a man in the real world (hence the name). This concept was apparently dropped by WB to give Switch one form in both worlds.

With Hollywood slowly opening up to representation for the trans community, I have a feeling these concepts will find their way to the fourth Matrix film which is currently undergoing production. While I'm sure there will be some people furious about ‘politics' finding their way to something like The Matrix, I think the Wachowskis should be allowed to tell the story that they originally set to make.

The fourth Matrix movie is set to come out on April 1, 2022.

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