Marvel's Samuel L. Jackson Tells Fans to 'Stay the F*ck at Home' With Hilarious Poem

Does anyone here remember that time Samuel L. Jackson decided to grace us with his swearing when he decided to read Go the Fuck to Sleep? It was a good time and we all laughed because few things are more entertaining than Jackson swearing since he does it in such a cool way. Now, the Coronavirus has seemingly sucked the fun and life out of everybody so it's good to know that Jackson is here to try and make us laugh again.

Channeling that time he read Go the Fuck to Sleep, Jackson decided to tell fans another poem called Stay the Fuck at Home. As many can guess, this was a lighthearted video where the MCU actor tells everyone to be safe and stay at home, only going out if they run out of some groceries. It's much more entertaining than I am making it sound so check out the video below.

Jackson is known for a lot of movie roles, though Marvel fans will always associate him with the MCU's Nick Fury. Based on the Ultimate version of the character, who was subsequently inspired by Jackson himself, the actor's version of Fury can't swear due to Marvel wanting to keep their movies PG-13 but does manage to add some presence to any scenes he's in. That same presence is here, telling people to Stay the Fuck at Home.

So, listen to Samuel L. Jackson and stay home. We can get through this, just be patient.

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