Marvel's Darth Vader Comic Lets the Past Die in the Latest Heartbreaking Issue

We're only three issues in and Marvel's newest Darth Vader series from writer Greg Pak has already cemented himself as one of the character's best writers. Pak managed to use the Star Wars prequels to make Vader himself a more intriguing character, using Anakin's past to haunt the Sith Lord's future and Darth Vader #3 is the series at its peak. Much like Kylo Ren from The Last Jedi, Vader has decided to let the past die, killing Anakin Skywalker while doing so.

During the events of Darth Vader #3, Vader meets some of the allies of Sabe who also used to work for Padme Amidala, hilariously calling themselves the Amidalans, and they seem to be looking for tapes that reveal Padme's fate. However, to quote Admiral Akbar, "it's a trap!" The three already knew that Padme died in Mustafar, the domain of Vader, and felt that he killed both Padme and Anakin Skywalker.

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Rather than explain that he's Anakin and unintentionally killed Padme by breaking her heart, Vader decides to live the lie, claiming that he killed the couple. The Amidalans are hoping to kill Vader and sacrifice themselves in the process by having one of Naboo's legendary creatures eat them all up but anyone who's seen Return of the Jedi knows that Vader lives.

Honestly, seeing all of this character work to add some depth to Darth Vader has almost made the prequels worth it. This is probably how fans of The Clone Wars feel but the fact that these comic books have been nothing but emotional shows you can turn chicken shit into chicken salad sometimes.

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Credit: LucasFilm/Marvel

Darth Vader #3 is available now in comic book stores.

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