Marvel's Avengers Shows Off a Brand-New Captain America Costume

Marvel's Avengers continues to divide fans, though most people can agree that the game already looks better than its first few trailers. Character models have improved and some of the gameplay we've seen thus far has actually looked pretty fun, with new costumes making these iconic characters look even better. Fans initially judged the default costumes these characters would be wearing so knowing that there will alternate suits is great.

During the M.O.D.O.K. trailer, we saw the Avengers in some new endgame (not MCU Endgame) costumes that were...interesting. The game's official Twitter recently shared the artbook's cover and it shows, what appears to be, the final costume for Captain America. It's a minor spoiler, confirming that Cap lives but seeing him in a much better outfit is fantastic.

Fans just didn't like the default costume Captain America was wearing since it looked like what movie studios would make the character wear in the early 2000's ala the first few X-Men films. This new one is just a lot cooler, which is weird since these glowy-eyed shiny costumes are usually frowned upon by fans. Just goes to show how bad that initial costume was.

If you don't like this suit either, don't worry. They already confirmed that Steve Rogers would have outfits from a number of his comic books, including the Secret Empire outfit of Captain America that will probably give fans mixed opinions, much like the comic book event itself. Honestly, that has less to do with the costume's design and has more to do with the story.

Marvel's Avengers will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. The game will also get a free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade for those that buy the PS4 and Xbox One version.

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