Marvel’s Avengers Beta Turns the Tide of Criticism Against the Game

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Marvel's Avengers may have its critics, however, word on the street has it that the video game's beta will turn the tide of public opinion in favor of Crystal Dynamic's upcoming release.

Despite Marvel gamers' skepticism over Marvel's Avengers, critics have begun shifting their opinion towards the videogame after seeing the latest War table stream. Now that the game is set to begin Beta, posits that gamers' overall impression of Marvel's Avengers will only get better once the community gets its first hands-on experience with the game. writer Tanner Dedmon has seemingly been able to try out the beta for Marvel's Avengers, and the former skeptic seemed to enjoy his experience so far.


Though Dedmon initially thought that the game's "combat looked clunky and weightless," the writer began to enjoy the game after becoming accustomed to the heroes' movies and to the full scope of the videogame.

"Your button mashes turn to more creative combos you can string together yourself using abilities you unlock through progressing character levels which leads to plenty of ‘Did you see that?' moments," Dedmon says in his commentary on Marvel's Avengers beta, "Combat isn't as fluid as something like Marvel's Spider-Man, but it only gets better the more you invest in a character."


It seems like each of the game's mode has surprising moments and though gamers are only offered a part of the main campaign to try out during beta, Marvel's Avengers' story seems to have potential.

Of course, other gamers may view the game differently once they try out the beta for themselves. Let's wait and see what other Marvel fans think of the game after continually trying Avengers' beta.

Marvel's Avengers release on September 4. Beta runs every weekend before the game's release.

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