Marvel Won't Release Any New Comic Books This Week

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While DC Comics is already planning for alternate solutions to distribute their products, it looks like Marvel is willing to wait out the Coronavirus with everyone else, at least for now. One of the top two publishers in the world of comic books, Marvel has confirmed that there won't be any new comic books for the week of April 27. This goes for both physical and digital releases, which is amazing restraint from the company.

Most of us expected them to release their stories digitally but when you consider how a lot of consumers refuse to read comic books this way, we can see why Marvel would wait it out. It also seems like a way of them regaining consumer faith since a lot of people complained about the company's excessive use of variant covers and renumberings. Still, it's good seeing a major publication siding with the business.

The shutdown of Diamond Publishing during this epidemic has led to a lot of worry about the state of comic book stores. Then again, it's not like they're the only people suffering right now since almost every kind of business that isn't fast food or digital distribution has been in some sort of trouble. It's a necessary evil since people can't be tempted to go outside for the sake of sales.

Marvel hasn't released any new comic books in a while, due to this epidemic. Here's hoping we get a bunch of new stuff once this is all over. Hopefully, people are still willing to buy them.


Via Newsarama

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