31 Aug 2021 4:10 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel's What If..? Episode 4 Trailer Features Doctor Strange Losing His Heart

The latest trailer of Marvel'sWhat If..? Episode 4 features Doctor Strange and it seems like the Sorcerer Supreme is down on a darker path as he is losing his heart rather than his hands. With the canon series venturing into an alternate reality that will focus on another beloved character, expect more astral projections and spells in the upcoming run of the show.

The trailer is titled "The Lost Books" and it shows Stephen Strange somewhat fall down the rabbit hole where a sorcerer was waiting for him, some sorcerer Cagliostro has brought him there under one of the legends of breaking an absolute point in time. The sorcerer seems to be confusing Strange telling him he could find Cagliostro here, there, or anywhere, sending some cryptic message.


The sorcerer finally opened a door that leads to what looks like a cherry blossom tree where the lost books are located. The episode will have the title of What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands? and it will focus on him losing the love of his life, Christine Palmer, that instead of being alone in the accident, she was there and she was the casualty.

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In the original Doctor Strange film, he lost the sense of touch, therefore, rendering him as a surgeon something the same as a defective machine. However, in this reality, he would be losing the only person he loved, Christine, in the car crash that would take her life. Strange, being a sorcerer, would do everything in his power to get her back.

It is expected that the Ancient One will be in the same episode as she has been a pivotal character to the creation of Doctor Strange, however, we would see how Strange would fall into a darker place in life after losing the love of his life.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 4 is scheduled for release on September 1, 2021, at 3 AM EST, exclusively on Disney+.