Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 References the Epic Hallway Scene from Daredevil

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While not set in the same universe as the comics or the films, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a loving tribute to pretty much every corner of the Marvel universe. It doesn't matter what version of Marvel you like; this game will make you very happy with the content. Even Netflix/Marvel fans have something to be excited about since the Shadowland area has a great Daredevil reference.

As you're making your way through Shadowland to fight Wilson Fisk, you'll come across a dark hallway that is played like a 2D brawler. If Daredevil is in your party, he says "I do my best fighting in hallways." This is obviously a reference to that breathtaking one-shot fight scene in Daredevil season 1, which is a standard that a lot of Marvel shows and films have yet to beat.

A little Netflix Daredevil reference in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. "I do my best fighting in hallways..."

Daredevil himself looks more like his Netflix counterpart since he's wearing armor instead of tights. Funnily enough, Elektra, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are based on their comic counterparts, though Danny Rand's suit is made to look more padded. Jessica Jones, who isn't a playable character, looks more like her Netflix counterpart, though the comics did the same recently.


Fans can pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 right now for the Nintendo Switch. They can also pick up the expansion pass for $19.99, which adds more characters and a couple of story chapters.

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