15 Nov 2019 10:54 AM +00:00 UTC

Marvel to Release Nebula's First-Ever Solo Series

Known as Thanos' adoptive daughter and the sister of Gamora, Marvel fans will now be able to learn more about Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula with the release of her own, first-ever solo series.

Speaking with Refinery29, writer Vita Ayala will tackle the story of how Nebula grows from being under Thanos' and Gamora's shadows for a long time. She claims that she has always found the character to be fascinating because Nebula has a "mustache-twirling-villain" to her. However, Ayala eventually found that there were hints of "deeper pathos" within the character.


Ayala says the story will "dive deep" in order to find out who Nebula is and "why she does what she does." The writer adds that she was curious to know what actually happens to a person once they undergo what Nebula went through, which is having most of your body be replaced with robotic parts. As well as being traumatized both physically and psychologically.

She also described the series as somewhat of a "space Western" with a lot of punching and shooting. But showing what trauma does to a person at the time. You can check out the cover made by Jen Bartel below.

Through the process of making the series, Ayala said she turned out to have a lot of sympathy for Nebula. This is in contrast to what she initially wanted to do, which is to show the character's "bitterness" and the reasons why Nebula turned out to be a bad guy.

Nebula #1 will be written by Vita Ayala, with art by Claire Roe, and cover by Jen Cartel. The first of the series is expected for release in February 2020.

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