Marvel Studios’ Wonder Man Reportedly Finds Their Grim Reaper Actor

Marvel Studios has greenlit the Wonder Man project for Disney+ and while we have yet to receive more updates regarding the production of the TV series, Wonder Man has reportedly revealed their frontrunner for the Grim Reaper role. With Yahya Abdul-Mateen II starring as Simon Williams/Wonder Man and Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery, it is only natural for MCU fans to wonder who would be in line to face the titular hero.

According to industry insider Daniel Richtman (via The Direct), Marvel Studios is in talks with Demetrius Grosse to play the comic book antagonist Grim Reaper in Wonder Man. The 41-year-old actor is known for appearing in Fear the Walking Dead and The Rookie, as well as in movies such as Rampage and 13 Hours. The actor has even worked alongside MCU’s Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) in an episode of Lovecraft Country.

Demetrius Grosse, Marvel Studios' choice for Wonder Man's Grim Reaper role
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Demetrius Grosse, Marvel Studios' choice for Wonder Man's Grim Reaper role

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In the comics, Grim Reaper bears the name Eric Williams, who is incidentally not only the archnemesis of Simon Williams/Wonder Man, but also happens to be his own brother. Grim Reaper, as the name suggests, is a supervillain with a high-tech scythe for a hand.

While we have yet to see what powers the TV series will showcase on Reaper’s abilities, the comic book version of him does have talent for necromancy and illusion casting. Interestingly, Wonder Man’s Grim Reaper had long served a cameo in the MCU, prior to his official debut.

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In WandaVision’s episode 2 animated intro, the villain’s helmet was coincidentally spotted, and seeing how Marvel Studios is known for their early easter eggs to tease their future MCU characters, Wonder Man must’ve been planned prior to Marvel Phase 5’s beginning.

Seeing as the studio has yet to confirm or deny this, Grim Reaper’s casting should be taken with a grain of salt for now. Meanwhile, Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton is potentially helming some episodes in the series while being a part of the executive producers for the show, with Andrew Guest already been tapped as the head writer.

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