Marvel Studios Slams Racism, Stands With the Black Community After Recent Protests

After the death of George Floyd, people everywhere were outraged over another death of a black person that could have easily been avoided. With the police officers in question not getting a fitting punishment for what happened, the Black Lives Matter movement rallied, which led to a controversial bit of arson and looting. This had led to a mixed response from people but it looks like most are understanding of the movement and its intentions, including Marvel Studios.

On Twitter, Marvel Studios let it be known that they denounce racism and stand with the black community. While we're sure that this will lead to some backlash from, well, the racists, fans everywhere have applauded the move since they aren't staying silent on the matter. Here's hoping we get some comic books that tackle the move in a tasteful manner.

Fans shouldn't be surprised by Marvel's stance on the Black Lives Matter debate, though we're sure there are some who aren't a fan of it. They will call it Marvel hopping on the liberal bandwagon, even though the company has published comics that have Captain America punching Hitler, the X-Men standing up against racists, and so much more.

But sure, Marvel is trying to get lip service from the libs.

It would be interesting to see how fans will react to this but we have an idea. Some will be happy to see this while others will act like its end of the world because their rights are somehow getting stripped away from them, even though that's far from the case.

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